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A Post-Primary Note from Mayor Dave by Mayor Dave
February 27, 2007, 7:00 pm
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Primary night was a lot of fun. We did well, beating our nearest opponent, Ray Allen, by almost two-to-one. We won 18 of 20 aldermanic districts and we did better in every ward than we did back in 2003. And we did it the old-fashioned way: no slick TV or radio ads;  just lots of volunteers knocking on doors, making phone calls, eating cold pizza and generally having a pretty good time.

While my opponent bought attack ads on radio and billboards, we stayed positive and the result was great!  Now we have to carry that momentum forward to the general election on April 3rd.

So, why worry? Well, it’s my job as a candidate not to take anything or any vote for granted. And unfortunately, I have reason to worry. Ray Allen has been unrelentingly negative since his announcement ten months ago. He’s run attack ads on radio, taken out billboards to attack me on the streetcar issue (he’s blamed streetcars for everything from dandruff to the fact the Badgers can’t hit the three-point shot) and sent out thousands of letters attacking me on other issues.

In response, we’ve run a positive campaign, highlighting our good record and making new proposals for the future. About the only thing I’ve said about Ray is that he’s a Republican. It’s a testament to the unpopularity of Republican policies these days that the mere mention of Ray’s Republican credentials has his folks crying foul.

But Ray’s Republicanism is a relevant fact for a couple of reasons.

One is that we can’t predict every issue that might come up in the next four years, so a candidate’s basic point of view is important to know. I’m a liberal Democrat and proud of it. Ray’s a Republican and, I assume, equally proud of that. The contrast gives voters an indication of how we’ll govern over the next four years.

The other reason it’s important is that it goes to how in touch we are with our community. In this election cycle, Ray contributed $500 to the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, which was controlled by Tom DeLay at the time. In other words, he contributed a substantial amount of money to keep Tom DeLay in power by trying to defeat Democrats like Tammy Baldwin. That just doesn’t seem to be in keeping with where most Madisonians are right now.

So, my plan is to take this campaign home to the April 3rd election just as we’ve run it so far: clean, issue-focused and grass roots. And the fact that my opponent is a Republican does matter a great deal.


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It’s so much fun to watch local conservatives do their best to disassociate themselves from their political party and from the wages of conservative governance. Mayor Dave labels Ray Allen with the Scarlet R. And Allen complains that calling him a Republican is a negative attack […]

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He’s run attack ads on radio, taken out billboards to attack me on the streetcar issue (he’s blamed streetcars for everything from dandruff to the fact the Badgers can’t hit the three-point shot)

Of course, he and his allies for city council disingenuously refer to them as “trolleys.” The study is for streetcars, not trolleys, which are either the touristy antiquey looking vehicles that are just glorified buses, or the electric buses with overhead wires (but no rails) as we often see in Boston and some other cities. (Nothing necessarily wrong with trolleybuses… better than diesel buses, but they’re still just buses and inadequate if the only mode (not true in Boston, of course) of a transit “system.” To be certain, streetcars will not solve all the problems of our high-fare, low frequency, antiquated, and thoroughly inadequate dieselbus-only MadisonMetro, but streetcars could be at least a tiny but symbolically important start to the full-fledged comprehensive multimodal transit system with light rail and feeder buses that Madison should have started a couple decades ago. And candidates like Allen and Deadman who “rail” ;-) against “trolleys,” using that as a codeword for their anti-transit position should be ashamed for misleading the public. So there!

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